Wednesday, December 29, 2010

extreme couponing quest

When I first started my extreme couponing quest, I produced a lot of mistakes that unnecessarily price me dollars. After I learned the ropes of couponing, I began to determine my grocery bill nearly drop in half because I had learned
suitable approach to couponing. It is easy to get "coupon happy" when you are a starting coupon shopper, but there are actually 3 rookie mistakes you need to avoid to be able to ensure you get the largest bang for your buck when extreme couponing.

Discover Store Policies

One of the greatest couponing errors I learned the difficult way was to investigation the coupon policies of all my local grocers. I have three supermarkets around my home: Walmart, Shop Rite and Price Chopper. Walmart only accepts manufacturer coupons at face worth. This signifies that redeeming a $0.75 off coupon will only shave $0.75 off of my grocery bill. Shoprite on the other hand will double coupons up the $0.75. This implies that if I use a $0.75 off coupon at Shoprite, it is going to shave $1. 5 off of my grocery bill. But, Price Chopper doubles coupons up to $1. This signifies that employing a $1 coupon at price chopper will essentially shave $2 off of my bill. Clearly, performing my grocery shopping at Price Chopper is the most economical choice.

Don't Clip What You Do not Have to have

When I
initial started couponing, I got just a little clip pleased. I didn't pay much believed to the coupons I was clipping from newspapers as well as the on the web coupons I was printing off of on line coupon websites. By not screening the coupons I was clipping I was basically losing time and wasting ink, which is income. Now, as a seasoned coupon clipper, I know not to waste my time clipping coupons I do not want.


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